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Re: Devil's advocate...

March 14, 2019 05:29AM
Allen was a rookie, and the Rams had just signed Sully to a two year extension.

No way was Allen starting ahead of him in 2018. But now after Sully fell apart,

Rams decided to move on. How they really feel about Allen will be in what they do

now, draft a center/Guard, a pure guard , or FA. If they don't draft or sign a start ready then they

will be fine in Allen with Blythe able to slide over and a RG inserted.

  Brian Allen... M. Mayock's take at the '18 Draft

LoboRam625March 13, 2019 01:16PM

  Re: Brian Allen... M. Mayock's take at the '18 Draft

Classicalwit109March 13, 2019 03:00PM

  think he is a placeholder for something

ferragamo7998March 13, 2019 03:04PM

  Goff will get destroyed...

Deadhead Ram164March 13, 2019 03:06PM

  Re: Well Goff didn't get destroyed...

dzrams144March 13, 2019 03:19PM

  Devil's advocate...

jemach54March 14, 2019 03:47AM

  If Allen starts over Sully this year...he DID beat him out!

SunTzu_vs_Camus32March 14, 2019 04:35AM

  Re: Uhhh, it says nothing...

dzrams26March 14, 2019 05:06AM

  Re: Devil's advocate...

bigjimram2120March 14, 2019 05:29AM

  Allen, like kiser and noteboom

Ram_Ruler23March 14, 2019 05:46AM

  Noteboom's 78 snaps

LMU9324March 14, 2019 06:10AM

  I think it is hard for a rookie to displace a veteran

ferragamo7911March 14, 2019 07:47AM

  Re: Devil's advocate...

Rams439March 14, 2019 08:34AM

  And your conclusion

PHDram121March 13, 2019 03:24PM

  6’”. 298 lbs....

Deadhead Ram107March 13, 2019 06:50PM

  Re: 6’”. 298 lbs....

Ramboni83March 13, 2019 08:06PM

  plus he was 298 at the 2018 combine...

LMU9351March 14, 2019 03:32AM

  Using physical stature

PHDram60March 14, 2019 03:35AM

  Re: Using physical stature

Classicalwit48March 14, 2019 04:00AM

  Re: Using physical stature

PHDram38March 14, 2019 04:09AM

  He weighs more than all-pro center Jason Kelce. (nm)

DaJudge18March 14, 2019 07:38AM

  I ain't gonna say it.....................................well, d... nm

idaram91March 13, 2019 03:34PM