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Thinking Pats lose without Edelman

February 10, 2019 05:31AM
Watching the game again, without Edelman I do not see the Pats scoring.

Also, watching Edelman makes me think who could be doing what he does for us, and the answer clearly was Kupp.

Different skills sets on our WR corp, but that great route running, smart, over the middle, sure-handed catcher for us is Kupp.

If Edelman is out and Kupp us in maybe it is 13-3 us instead of them.

Obviously, there is no saying, and it is all speculation, but that is how thin of a margin this game ended up being.

  Thinking Pats lose without Edelman

headslapper116February 10, 2019 05:31AM

  Re: Thinking Pats lose without Edelman

Ekern5555February 10, 2019 02:06PM