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Re: Blinkscout Game 12 Lions ...

December 07, 2018 06:00AM
This was an ugly win, but those count too.


15) What a couple weeks. Wow. Most of the conference games (save Clemson) were really good. I have been eyeballing edge, CB, DT/5T/NG, TE, and S ... with a little focus on interior OL and backup QB (which is truly plentiful) ... the talent on defense runs high through 3 rounds and at TE and backup QB down through the 5th at least ... I really think the fact that this year's TEs are not on flashy teams is hurting them ... but will serve in our favor whether we want to challenge Higbee or replace Carrier.

16) Want to give a shout out to Jake Fromm from UGA for playing one of the better games at the position all year.

17) Bowl Games ... the setup is weird this year ... but I like it. The CFP is on the 29th (along with MICH vs. UF) ... so thats a party day ... then on the 1st may be the best day of college football we've seen in a while pound for pound ... 5 GREAT games lined up.

18) Trending in my mind ... I think we can get a safety and TE in the third ... or a CB if needed. But edge rusher we'd have to take at 32 or in a trade down. We MAY get lucky with someone like Winovich falling to the end of the third ... but I'm not interested in taking chances with that position anymore. If I had my pick I would even trade up for Josh Allen of Kentucky, but after his bowl game that's unlikely to be possible. If Austin Bryant falls he'd be a nice consolation prize.

Alyo, I agree with your watch list as far as Rams priorities but I have a question, after watching what the Cowboys did to the Saints would linebacker be a possibility with the top pick? A Cowboy level linebacker might solve two ills, the run defense as well as covering the tight end of the opposing team. If those two holes are filled this defense could be elite. Even though high draft capital should also be spent on a CB, NT and a S. Are there any J.Smith, LVE types that might be available at the bottom of the 1st round?

  Blinkscout Game 12 Lions ...

alyoshamucci680December 04, 2018 12:05PM

  Now...I'll be watching...

jemach205December 04, 2018 01:21PM

  Some guys I am gonna pay close attn to

Deadpool204December 04, 2018 03:43PM

  Re: Vander Esch

leafnose119December 06, 2018 08:02AM

  Re: Blinkscout Game 12 Lions ...

leafnose102December 06, 2018 08:35AM

  Minor disagreement; Goff does not hold the ball too long

RockRam114December 06, 2018 10:41AM

  Goff pulled the ball down....

SunTzu_vs_Camus106December 06, 2018 12:30PM

  +1 with an extra + (nm)

zn57December 06, 2018 12:34PM

  Re: It's certain downs

leafnose69December 06, 2018 05:09PM

  Re: Senior Bowl acceptees thus far

leafnose129December 06, 2018 08:36AM

  Re: Senior Bowl acceptees thus far

oldschoolramfan66December 06, 2018 10:19AM

  good list this year

Deadpool96December 06, 2018 02:20PM

  Re: good list this year

alyoshamucci93December 06, 2018 06:11PM

  Re: Blinkscout Game 12 Lions ...

RamsDynasty82December 07, 2018 06:00AM

  a trade down out of the 1st round.....

SunTzu_vs_Camus83December 07, 2018 08:41AM

  Ravens' Lamar Jackson trade in 2018

LMU9389December 07, 2018 09:32AM

  Re: LB corps

leafnose65December 08, 2018 05:19AM

  Re: LB corps

Rams4354December 08, 2018 07:22AM

  Re: LB corps

leafnose70December 08, 2018 09:20AM

  you're right

21Dog66December 08, 2018 09:56AM

  Cowboys ideals ILB

alyoshamucci90December 08, 2018 08:22AM