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Re: Blinkscout Game 12 Lions ...

December 06, 2018 08:35AM

5) The Robert Woods TD ... unspectacular, but a play that not everyone can make. Small window for the target and not the easiest catch, but a play we make with confidence this year.

6) Pass blocking.

9) Jarrrrrredddd ... whew buddy ... how many passes missed? And the fumble? You're totally cool to put up a stinker once a year ... but I've gotta call you on it.

11) Malcolm Brown loss ... yes there's an upside with the youngsters that is definitely needed ... but I like the psychological security of Brown.


backup QB (which is truly plentiful) ...TE and backup QB down through the 5th at least ... I really think the fact that this year's TEs are not on flashy teams is replace Carrier.

16) Want to give a shout out to Jake Fromm from UGA for playing one of the better games at the position all year.

17) 5 GREAT games lined up.

18) Trending in my mind ... I think we can get a safety and TE in the third ... or a CB if needed. But edge rusher we'd have to take at 32 or in a trade down. We MAY get lucky with someone like Winovich falling to the end of the third ... but I'm not interested in taking chances with that position anymore. If I had my pick I would even trade up for Josh Allen of Kentucky, but after his bowl game that's unlikely to be possible. If Austin Bryant falls he'd be a nice consolation prize.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

Very late getting to comments myself.
Looking at the TD to Woods. I agree, A tough throw, and a WAY tougher catch to secure than acknowledged. Ball is whistled low, and it's dive, dive, dive submarine move. Woods so vastly underrated, imo.

I'll add to pass blocking, and the Jared getting crushed and ripped off for the ball for A SECOND WEEK IN A ROW. The line gives some superb blocking on a regular basis. Certainly among tops in the NFL.
BUT, I've said before he's holding the ball too long. Think everyone saw Gurley open underneath in the redzone that certainly looked as if he could have at least made a solid effort to take it to paydirt, or come up with such a short down and distance that going for it on fourth may have been an option.
But, Jared on the one snap?
Gurley is kept in to block, and is offset left. After that snap, Gurley sees pressure from the right side, and omg, the kid goes over and makes photo perfect blitz pick up. For Jared's part, senses pressure, and needs to make an early decision. TO ME, there's a wide open gap to the spot where Gurley has sealed his guy. Take off and run, Jared. Take off......take off? Nope. Sits in pocket, and then pulls it in, and then hesitates, and then the storm hits.

In hindsight now, Jared really does need coach to call some run downs for him, or make it a primary option to boot, and run. Clubs keep doing it to us. Granted guys like Brees and Mahomes, and for that matter even a damaged Rodgers take off and make big damage with their legs, but their builds are different from the dashing young man from Cal. I could drain on, but avoiding getting ripped and shredded versus a big play downfield is an issue.

Who would have thought I'd lament Brown's loss. But the Bears are the exact opponent you'd want that build and game type for.

Little buzz. You noted Carrier as being replaced, but it's Mundt's job you're looking for. HA

I think you're quite right about TEs being a sleeper year. There's talent from west, and some under served players throughout the NCAA not getting looks, and opportunities.
I think the most intriguing spot for us might be QB. So much of it rests on how they perceive Mannion. Do they even like the guy? It's not #14 doesn't have brains. His problems seem so much more a point of toolset and which one to select. Just seems to me that there's a lack of intuitive processing he lacks.
If they do shop around, I'll be very curious to see which guys they have contact with throughout the walk up to private workouts.

Couldn't agree more about the extraordinary game of Jake Fromm. Really a joy to watch. What's the chance that the backup QB comes out and kills the Dawgs there? Brutal
Speaking of back up QBs.
The Dawgs have their own kid that is waiting in the wings in Georgia. After Fromm's big game, one has to wonder about the Fields kid maybe transferring to another opportunity.

One last comment.
The Gurley TDS
Blocking by Hav on the first one was incredible. The breakdown by the tv broadcast was also great. Blythe utterly demolishes his guy to the inside. Hav in a pass block kind of move gets the end to bust to the outside, and Hav sells, and then takes his man wider. Just a reflection on how well the plays are called, and how well they are executed.

The second TD never happened due to Todd being too smart and clock weary. However, it was a TD. Thus, blocking on the second one, wasn't wide enough to drive a VW through, but a fine job by Whit, and Saff to create a sweet crease. Gurley runs throw and hand swipe tackle effort, andA block there by Woods too, ought to be added to play. Think I would have preferred to see Todd take it in; Just for the fact that the men upfront deserve the paydirt payoff their work provided.

But those two plays truly stand out to me as game winners.
The lowlight might have Suh not falling on the rolling rock, but hey.....I'm still dancing around the room for our OL.

  Blinkscout Game 12 Lions ...

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leafnose135December 06, 2018 08:35AM

  Minor disagreement; Goff does not hold the ball too long

RockRam139December 06, 2018 10:41AM

  Goff pulled the ball down....

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