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Re: 2nd down

November 08, 2018 10:24AM
[attachment 3970 wk9.5.jpg]
[attachment 3971 wk9.4.jpg]
[attachment 3972 wk9.6.jpg]

So. Defense plays Tampa 2 zone. Rush 3 against 5 blockers. LDT plays man on Everett running a middle curl right into a defenders zone, and Goff throws him the ball.

My opinion. This is an easy read. No one followed Kupp on his motion so should be zone. Post snap the two safeties part the field. Classic Cover 2 zone. Holes for cover 2 is the post and the corner. There was only a 3 man rush, but RDE bull rushes Whit. If Goff steps up in the pocket, he has a TD to Kupp who is being guarded by the MLB. Or his corner and swing combo on the left side has a great chance. But throwing to a middle curl route against cover 2 zone is not going to get you any where.

Another play that makes me wonder if Goff is reading the defense.

Go Rams!

No offense, but Goff is undoubtedly a top 5 QB in the NFL right now and in the MVP discussion..... I'm pretty sure Goff is not only reading defenses, he's picking them apart on most days.

Like I have said before, you can take these type of birdseye view pics from any game from every QB from Rodgers to Brady to Brees and find these same type of images.

The game isn't played on frame at a time.

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