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For leafnose

November 08, 2018 09:11AM
Just because you asked. Here are some stills on first down play on series after Ebukam forced fumble.

Here are the routes. Cooks shallow cross left to right. Reynolds shallow cross right to left. Woods running a corner from the right side. Kupp running a post from the left side. Brown running a wheel from the left side.

Defense. 3 defenders playing deep 1/3. 4 defenders playing middle zones. 4 man rush wide. Your basic cover 3 zone.

Here's pic right before the throw. Goff gets some heat and decides to go with Reynolds shallow cross to the left.

My opinion. Once Goff reads middle zone, he should've made Kupp's post route his primary then Wood's corner route should be next in his progression. Maybe the pressure made him go to the quicker throw, but shallow cross versus middle zone is an advantage for the defense. Goff can make this play and has done so in the past. Just one of the misses on an other wise great day for Goff.

Goes to show that Goff can have a great day, but if we leave plays on the field we can be beat by a good playoff team.

Go Rams!

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