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Balancing Threats

October 11, 2018 07:54AM
I keep thinking about doing a big analytical post on this, but it probably won't happen. Here's the postage stamp version.

The WRs keep safeties and some LBs back.

And the RBs keep LBs occupied and downfield areas open for receptions.

It's a balanced attack that simultaneously stresses a defense short, middle, and deep.

And it is ALSO balanced horizontally. The jet sweeps are key parts of it all. We keep proving that we are willing to run those things and able to regularly approach the sticks with them. That means that we simultaneously stress a defense right, middle, and left.

So as we approach the LOS, we stress 9 sectors of the field: right-middle-left and short-middle-long. We routinely PROVE that we are very good attacking each one.

In my opinion, this is why we are so hard to stop. NFL defenses always begin by deciding what to take away. Then they scheme to overload strategically crucial parts of the field.

But how do you do that with us? We effectively attack 9 zones of the field and McV alternates our attacks in combinations worthy of a brilliant boxer. Play up? Back? Leave the middle open? Flow to one flank? To the other? Mass up the middle? Whatever a defensive scheme does, 11 guys cannot take away 9 zones at once.

This is not the GSOT. It is not based on flamboyant and innovative formations and packaged routes. The concept is pretty simple. We establish our ability to attack 9 zones and make a defense pay for whatever decision it makes.

I really feel that it will be hard for defenses to figure out how to deal with us until and unless our capability drops off in one or more areas of attack.

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