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Re: Oh man that’s huge

September 14, 2018 08:35AM
He's critical in pass game and going after the Rams LBs and mismatches or them

I knew the Cards looked like a 6 win team but this thing could get ugly quick

New v Old

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  David Johnson is questionable

Rampage2K-559September 14, 2018 08:04AM

  I hope he plays.

Ram_Ruler227September 14, 2018 08:11AM

  Re: true but another way to look at it

Speed_Kills240September 14, 2018 09:05AM

  Re: true but another way to look at it

Ram_Ruler133September 14, 2018 12:24PM

  Re: I hope he plays.

Rampage2K-178September 14, 2018 09:40AM

  Re: Oh man that’s huge

Speed_Kills206September 14, 2018 08:35AM

  He's playing

RFIP231September 14, 2018 09:44AM

  That said, unlikely RT Smith will play

RFIP190September 14, 2018 09:46AM

  Good. They stink.

max141September 14, 2018 10:19AM

  Re: Whew for them

Speed_Kills133September 14, 2018 11:07AM

  right......Cards remind me of old Rams

ferragamo79149September 14, 2018 12:23PM

  You're way too hard on Goff

RFIP155September 14, 2018 01:52PM

  LOL Rich

ferragamo79127September 14, 2018 02:40PM

  Re: David Johnson is questionable

Classicalwit171September 14, 2018 10:37AM