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OH Boy Scrum in Gints practice.

June 14, 2018 08:42AM
Will Hernandez and Snacks Harrison square off.
Hernadez had his helmet used against him like a mace apparently by The alpha dog DL snacks.
Nate Solder tweaks knee in pileup.
Whew boy glad we play nice.
Nothings happening in our practices since Chase Reynolds And Tree mixed it up after the cold hit on Cunningham.
We are the smart good guys.
Uh ,,will Talib and Suh change That??.
Or maybe a rookie unknown could jump up and do something Crazy trying to get an edge ?.
They gotta control that somehow.
Without creating a pampered wimpy team of course.
Maybe it was less sensational more a Turley like grenade toss in the direction of Wills head winking smiley.

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  OH Boy Scrum in Gints practice.

CraigMatson379June 14, 2018 08:42AM