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An interesting post regarding our CB situation by BonifayRam...

February 13, 2018 08:16AM
Here’s BonifayRam...

Rams are no longer in a position to overpay for his services any longer. Rams have some outstanding current UFA's & future UFA's players whom are far more important valuable Vital & far better fits for this teams defense & offense now than Trumaine. Tru has been vastly overpaid now for the 2 previous seasons. Rams have treated him very very well. If any party in this situation needs to give a little its Tru not the Ram Org.

Bottom line here Tru will be a better fit & much more valuable to many other teams who run a different defensive scheme than Wade does. This does not take anything away from Tru here its just a fact! Rams must get the best available corners that fit correctly in with Wade's scheme nothing more. Rams need to go get a better fitting veteran UFA corner & pay him.I like :love: Tru very much & think he is a class act & a true professionalbow smiley:. I just wished his game was better suited to what Wade needs.:sadwalk:

Rams are in a better position here in Free Agency to bring back several of our own four DB's who are involved one way or another with our corners:

*UFA CB NR-C who started numerous games on the outside corner position is a young trending upward & on the rise who fits the Wade scheme better.
*ERFA CB Troy Hill also started 3 gms & finished 2 other as our starting outside corner in 2017. He has played in 25 Ram games the last 2 seasons. He is a econo price $$$ resign. He also fits the Wade scheme.
*UFA Nickle Corner/FS Lamarcus Joyner played a ton of Nickle corner in 2017 even being listed as the starting FS. LJ is an outstanding fit in the wade secondary. He has latent leadership qualities & carries more overall value to this defense than Trumaine.
*UFA Safety Cody Davis played was elevated in the Wade scheme it was his play that dis-patched starting safety Mo Alexander into the unemployment line. Cody's presence permits LJ to flip into the Nickle post when needed. Cody will sign a Ram friendly contract in order to return.

In addition to young vet corner Kayvon Webster plus the Rams had 2 rookie corners who they like under contract this upcoming season in Kevin Peterson & Dom Hatfield. Peterson really came on late. Fact is Peterson was playing like the best Ram corner in wk #17. He is truly a riser to keep an eye on in TC & pre season. Snead & Wade like the skills that dinky corner Hatfield has demonstrated in practice.

If Snead can draft a talented corner & purchase a veteran starter UFA this secondary should be a solid strength in 2018 season.

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  An interesting post regarding our CB situation by BonifayRam...

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