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Re: Stop the run!!!

January 13, 2018 11:27AM
I agree. Though I knew that Brockers going down was gonna hurt vs ATL, I didn't think that they'd be THAT effective. Their TOP really took us out of our game plan.

Yeah, losing Brockers really hurt but I think it was more than that. We seem to "play the pass" or "rush the QB" on every play. Might need to dial it back a bit and be more selective when we decide to rush the QB. Not sure if we have the right guys for that though. Seems like we are built just for the purpose of getting to the QB. It might be time to change that. smiling smiley


  Stop the run!!!

Ramsdude205January 13, 2018 09:04AM

  Re: Stop the run!!!

ramBRO47January 13, 2018 10:50AM

  Re: Stop the run!!!

Ramsdude41January 13, 2018 11:27AM