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Thank You Oldschool........

November 15, 2017 06:16AM
When You Tubing the Rams/Vikings ran onto the 1971 Rams/Colts game on Monday Night Football.....Vividly remember that one. Ram games in the hills of Arkansas were hard to come by, way before cable, NBC/CBS/ABC only..
The Rams of my youth.

Matt Maslowski's 2 catches on one play...remember that one...

Go Rams

  FOR ALL RAM FANS......Go to Youtube!!!

oldschoolramfan543November 14, 2017 01:42PM

  Re: FOR ALL RAM FANS......Go to Youtube!!!

Headslap75105November 14, 2017 04:32PM

  Would you mind...

JamesJM131November 14, 2017 04:40PM

  Re: Would you mind...That's Funny!

oldschoolramfan77November 14, 2017 06:33PM

  It was always about the QB

max67November 15, 2017 06:48AM

  Re: Rams vikes

XXXIVwin87November 14, 2017 07:24PM

  Re: Rams vikes

Speedball8999November 14, 2017 07:37PM

  I was scared to death that the Vikes would beat the Rams

NewMexicoRam102November 14, 2017 08:17PM

  Re: I was scared to death that the Vikes would beat the Rams

oldschoolramfan55November 15, 2017 05:35AM

  You're trying to put me in "Wrath Of Khan" mode!!! LOL

Ramgator66November 15, 2017 03:42AM

  Thank You Oldschool........

Arkansas Ram64November 15, 2017 06:16AM

  No I will not !

waterfield63November 15, 2017 07:22AM

  Just watch the first 3 minutes of this...

max83November 15, 2017 07:36AM

  1978 and 1979

L.A.Rams49November 15, 2017 08:18AM