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Re: Just being realistic.....it's what they said about 1999 Rams too....

November 14, 2017 06:28AM
I don't see us getting all the way on top of the NFC this year.

I do expect McV to prepare us well for these games. And I expect us to win our share of them.

But I don't think that we have yet demonstrated the level of superiority that could lead to EXPECTATIONS of dominating this run. I don't see what we've done so far projecting to the top. Other teams have, I think, a kind of competitive maturity that we haven't yet shown.

To win 5-6 games the rest of the way, we would have to, I think, raise our game significantly. Of course, we HAVE been steadily growing as a team. But that level ... I dunno. I can't say I expect it.

I will be pretty happy if we win 3-4 games the rest of the way and make the playoffs. If SEA fades, which they might or might not be doing, I can see us winning a no longer great division. If they don't fade, I figure we'll be a wild card.

Look. I don't count McV's team out of anything. I will not be shocked if he raises the team yet again. But I do not see us at the level PHI and maybe MN is at. Not yet.

Now, if we beat Minny ... well, ...

But that's getting ahead of ourselves, IMO.

I remember many people waiting for the glass slipper to fall off in '99......

Don't know how being the highest scoring team in the league and the biggest point differential in the league by a mile hasn't "demonstrated the level of superiority" for you yet?

Don't let the newness of this team cloud your judgement of what your eyes tell you.....they aren't just winning games, they are blowing out the competition.

I think this weeks game will finally demonstrate what you haven't excepted yet.beer cheer smileyl

The time is now....


  First-place Rams have second-toughest remaining schedule

RamBill312November 14, 2017 04:54AM

  In essence, the Rams have two playoffs...

RamFanEsq117November 14, 2017 05:13AM

  Re: yup

Speed_Kills109November 14, 2017 05:23AM

  I think that looks possible.

Saguaro84November 14, 2017 05:28AM

  My thoughts...

max84November 14, 2017 05:48AM

  Re: yup

Rams4351November 14, 2017 07:30AM


RFL47November 14, 2017 08:24AM

  Seeing similar, 11-5

ArizonaRamFan43November 14, 2017 08:01AM

  I think it's more like 4-3

NewMexicoRam30November 14, 2017 09:18AM

  Just being realistic

RFL100November 14, 2017 06:07AM

  Re: Just being realistic.....it's what they said about 1999 Rams too....

Rampage2K-64November 14, 2017 06:28AM

  Hope you're right!

RFL63November 14, 2017 06:41AM

  I hesitate to say this...

JamesJM41November 14, 2017 07:57AM

  Re: I hesitate to say this...

Rampage2K-26November 14, 2017 10:51AM

  Re: I hesitate to say this...

JamesJM26November 14, 2017 11:25AM

  Re: remember in 99 the NFC fell apart

Speed_Kills59November 14, 2017 06:44AM

  Here is the one reason that makes me believe it possible...

JamesJM79November 14, 2017 07:38AM

  Like your focus ... on coaching!

RFL44November 14, 2017 08:17AM

  Here’s the way I look at it...

Rams4340November 14, 2017 08:26AM

  True, as far as 'in the grouping'....

JamesJM35November 14, 2017 08:38AM

  Re: Like your focus ... on coaching!

JamesJM32November 14, 2017 08:29AM

  Well ...

RFL28November 14, 2017 09:04AM

  We're looking at it a little differently...

JamesJM29November 14, 2017 09:26AM