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+1 (nm)

August 12, 2017 08:48PM
Lot of guys on D that won't be there come opening game but never the less... liked what I saw from the D... swarming, good tackling for a 1st preseason game, "READING" well... IMHO the D had Wade's fingerprints all over them.

  Thoughts on what I saw tonight

GreatRamNTheSky455August 12, 2017 08:04PM

  Good, balanced take. Thx. nm

Saguaro77August 12, 2017 08:12PM

  Nice summary

stlramz132August 12, 2017 08:17PM

  Re: Thoughts on what I saw tonight

Rams43135August 12, 2017 08:17PM

  Only saw about 3/4 of the second half...

JamesJM132August 12, 2017 08:33PM

  +1 (nm)

zn66August 12, 2017 08:48PM

  Re: Thoughts on what I saw tonight

zn153August 12, 2017 08:42PM