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Leadership issues?

February 16, 2017 03:20PM
He is lacking accuracy and zero in the leadership department and has at least 1 concussion under his belt already.

Chad Kelly is my guy for the later rounds. He's a knucklehead that needs to make better decisions on and off the field, but its not like he is a drug addict or abusive so I have a little more patience for him then say Mixon. He's a gunslinger and I have always had a soft spot for an undersized gunslinger.

What's the scoop there? His lower body mechanics are wildly inconsistent but when they hit the sweet spot he is impressive. Like I said, UDFA, not saying I'd invest heavy in him but if he's coachable id gladly work with his skillset.
Edit- Big reason I think he is coachable is because he's very goood at many of the little things...selling play action, pump/head fakes to move defenders, etc...

I like Kelly but in that round 4 range? He's coming off a knee injury and loves to run around, another guy with pull your hair out lower body inconsistency...but his ridiculous arm strength often saves him vs college DBs...will it vs NFL DBs?

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alyoshamucci148February 18, 2017 08:53AM