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Re: my take

September 11, 2016 02:15PM
Wilson took it from them.

Baldwin is a really underrated receiver.

Choke job....4th and 4 and they left him WIDE openbanghead

Man that sucked!!!

I mean, everybody got an opinion, but that’s why y’all in the stands, y’all reporters and not coaches and players,” Gurley said. “McVay knows what he’s doing, Goff knows what he’s doing.”

  Cmon Dolphins!!!!

Rampage2K-325September 11, 2016 01:46PM


Rampage2K-111September 11, 2016 02:02PM

  Too good to be true, lol...(NM)

PaulButcher59102September 11, 2016 02:07PM

  dolphins choked badly!!!

Rampage2K-144September 11, 2016 02:09PM

  my take

21Dog133September 11, 2016 02:12PM

  Re: my take

Rampage2K-137September 11, 2016 02:15PM

  There is still time though,.....

Rampage2K-110September 11, 2016 02:12PM

  Dolphins QB totally overrated. nm

GreatRamNTheSky106September 11, 2016 02:38PM