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Re: "Home opener?"

September 11, 2016 07:58AM
I don't put much faith in Quick. But I do think Todd and Tavon will be alright.

Rams should win this one easily.

But there are no guarantees with our Rams. winking smiley

So we'll see.

I say they'll get it done.

They'd better. I @%#$ing live here. winking smiley


  Missing 3 impact players

RounderRick612September 10, 2016 05:47PM

  and Havenstein listed as questionable

THE FANATIC207September 11, 2016 06:54AM

  "Home opener?"

sanfRAM125September 11, 2016 06:59AM

  Re: "Home opener?"

RounderRick176September 11, 2016 07:54AM

  Re: "Home opener?"

sanfRAM106September 11, 2016 07:58AM

  Re: "Home opener?"

TonyHunter87124September 11, 2016 08:47AM

  Impact players????

9er8er161September 11, 2016 07:56AM


sanfRAM108September 11, 2016 08:00AM

  Gurley Donald Quinn Austin

Rams_81108September 11, 2016 09:43AM

  Re: Gurley Donald Quinn Austin

Rams43104September 11, 2016 09:46AM