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Re: I remember seeing your debut

February 17, 2014 03:37PM

Thanks for the question...and it's not an easy answer my friend. In a nut shell...the loss was shocking; the chance to play....and to perform fairly decent...awesome. To hear almost 70,000 people chanting my name....Priceless!

OK UK...As you were there...the stadium in Anaheim was getting hostile when we fell 13 points behind the Pats during the first quarter. Our offense with Steve Dils at QB was very one dimensional...let's call it Dicker-mensional. Eric finished the day with over 100 yards rushing...he had a heck of day...but there was a need for a spark! We were flat as a team early on.

So during the second quarter, the fans were howling in unison... "Everett-Everett", so Coach Rob...under no public or peer pressure...told me to warm up and the place went crazy. See J Rob is a motivator...so i guess he was just teasing the crowd and it was going right along as he planned. Using the rookie as his wand!! LOL

So nervous boy's first NFL pass was incomplete. But my second NFL pass went for a 34 yards to Henry Ellard. Here is how old we were....they just started instant replay!! Yes...that's old...but I didn't say black and white...smart acre! .LOL, the point is...I had the opportunity stand around out there...which was very uncommon for us those days, BUT for this rookie...it was the best ever....A chance to stand in the middle of the field...stadium full....AND not worried about anyone want to take my head off at that moment. After what seemed to be an eternity....the zebras reviewed and reviewed, then suddenly raised their hands and called it a TD. AND...The stadium erupted! It was epic!!

The next drive, we went right to work again and somehow I found our FB over the middle after scrambling around....and he ran for a TD after carrying about 5 guys with him. Barry came to the sideline in shock too..."a pass to me?' he said...I can't remember the last pass I caught! ...now this is record setting stuff for our run first team... UKRam...this is uncharted territory for sure!! So at half time, we are down 16-14, the place is in a buzz and we gained back some major momentum. During all of this Steve Dils is just coaching me up...and what a great guy he was to have around.

We receive the kick after half and Eric did much of the work for yet another score. Then during the fourth quarter somehow I find Henry Ellard in the back of the end zone for even another score. By the way, Henry was not in the read sequence...but when you are a rookie...your tend to do some pretty bizarre things and you eyes are so wide open...you can see the popcorn guy in the second tier. In other words, a pretty lucky throw for the Pats had no idea the ball could be put in a place to left while running right. matter of fact...humbly...neither did I!! Let's call it...being pumped up!! Nevertheless, a very exciting time and really a moment that every young inspiring athlete dreams of....coming in and helping the team pull out...for what we thought at that second...was a victory.

NFL lesson #1, don't be count your chickens nor your eggs too quickly! Tell that to New Orleans in 1989 at their place...but that another fun story.
So we are pretty sure, we got this thing in the bag and we are up 28-16...so in our minds....things are looking very favorable.

But wait there is this guy named Tony Eason, who has other plans...not to mention...the highlight game of his career...and he brings his Pats down the field and throws to a fella named Irving Fryer for a short TD...a rather routine pas and catch which made the game 28-23.

So the clock is ticking down...we are going to do what we do best...we are in our wheel house...we get to run...and kill the clock. We slowly move down the field, then on a 3rd and one in their territory...one of our TE's, decides to jump just a tad too early. Making it 3-6 and the routine draw play fools no one. So we punt...and it puts them down on their own 14 yard line. The Pats need to 86 yards and they have about 90 secs to get it done.

Credit to the Pats, they moved the ball up the field but around their own 40, they had a critical 4th and 7. Yeah...we'll get them here!! We have Tony trapped, he sidesteps then ducks around a tackler and flicks the ball over the middle and they makes a darn first down, but clock is ticking. Quickly,he hikes and grounds the ball. So now have about 15 seconds left. They run a play or two, but they stop the clock with a few clicks remaining.

Then the miracle try, the Hail Mary...the ball is up... there is a group of blue/gold/white & red group in the end zone......the ball was tipped, it was bobbling, it was turning, it was falling, going down...down and even lower...and...it was...it was...caught by Irving Fryer.

OMG!@!! Couldn't believe it. I stood in shock. I have thrown a game winning last pass before, but never the LOB UP varietal. Who completes...a flying punt?

Well Eason did that day...and it was my first taste of what the big leagues really is all about... There is no margin for error, no lead too big and all 60 minutes count.
It was a huge lesson and one that I would use with our own troops in times of desperation (which was weekly in 1993! LOL). Seriously...Can anyone say Tampa Bay 1992...never say die!

But to answer your question...it was bitter sweet. The team was ready and so was I...now if we only had Eason on board with us...Yet Tony played his BEST game of his life...so hats off to him...a fellow Big 10 guy who had a once in a lifetime event happen! That's why we play the game..and live life...all the way to the end!

Now Mr. UK...my question to you. Can you share with us a moment where you were anticipating the best thing ever imaginable...and then were let down? (No girl stories PLEASE..we've all been there, done that). And did you ever use it as a positive motivation for the future? Can you be specific?



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