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Re: Pick a draft QB for this Rams team

March 26, 2014 02:17PM

A wonderful question(s), thank you.

Draft day is always such a special day for each player, his family, for his NFL team, the coaches, the staff and the fans. Waiting around for your name to be called and anticipating which city you may be living in...is such a crazy yet exhilarating experience.

Dyno...it seems we are addressing a few questions:
1) which QB would best fit in OC Schottenheimer's scheme?
2) what round would the Rams draft a QB.
3) if Sam is not ready or gets hurt in 2014, and Shaun Hill is also unavailable, which QB would best lead our team this year?
4) or possible who is the best prospect for the years to come?

1) I am sure that Les, Jeff and Shotty have agreed on their favorites already. Overall, the Ram's brass will favor accuracy, mobility and execution without flaw as a premium. Having a big gun is an added bonus. A game manager that is level headed and doesn't kill the drive is the person they will favor (sound kinda like Russell Wilson?). That would lean in favor of Bridgewater, Manziel, Carr and Garoppolo (who?...more on him later).

2) The Rams will take the best available talent at pick #2 & #13. My guess is at #2 we go with OT Robinson, then with #13...who ever is available between TE Eric Ebron, S Calvin Pryor or WR Odell Beckam. The 2014 quarterback class does not have a clear front runner (like Andrew Luck, RG III, or even a Sam Bradford), yet we'll probably see QBs drafted early...but it would seem to be a reach compared to the athletes available. There's possibly better QB value later in the rounds. In my limited scope I feel there is depth of this draft (especially at WR)...as fantastic and our Rams have plenty of picks to capitalize on this wonderful opportunity. Les has enough picks in his pocket to move up to land the guy he's "Jacked-up about.". Bridgewater is the most polished to start in 2014 and Bortels is the most Raw talent of the class...and yet has the most upside when and if he improves his throwing techniques and decision making.
Draft: However; Clowney, Watkins, Mack, Robinson and Mathews would be wonderful teammates and leaders. Mack's talent on and off the field will be tough to pass up if Clowney goes #1. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mack go #1 to Houston. Of course one or more of the teams will fall in love with a QB and we can all guess until we are blue in the face...who that team is. Houston? Jacksonville? Cleveland? Oakland? Minnesota seem to be teams that may have an interest. If the Rams are thinking QB, they would be thrilled if Carr fell to Round #2...but don't forget the name Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy may be the most under rated in the bunch...and he has all the tools to be a long term answer. If Rams move up to pick #24 or better...maybe Garoppolo's name will be called after Carr goes to Arizona? A little bird told me that New Orleans has possible interest in Jimmy backing up Drew Brees.

3) In order of player that would seem ready to play as a rookie: Bridgewater, Manziel and Garoppolo.

4) If I had a crystal ball and we had superb QB coaching...the long term answer for this year's draft would be Bortles....who has all the measurements of an elite NFL QB, but needs polishing on his QB fundamentals.

My question to you Dyno...if you were the GM of Houston...who do you take? Then what would you do at pick #2 and #13 if you were Les Snead?

Cheers! smileys with beer

  Pick a draft qb for this Rams team

STLramdynasty729February 12, 2014 06:03PM

  Re: Pick a draft QB for this Rams team

JimEverett459March 26, 2014 02:17PM