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Re: Ever thought of you and Dickerson and 1990 season

February 21, 2014 10:19AM
NJ, Thanks for the questions.
Sure, it's such a natural thought of thinking about the possibility of continuing a career with Eric Dickerson. Eric and I have talked in length about this as well. And we've both agreed it would have been soooo cool... yet the circumstances and the business back then...dictated a different stance or negotiating posturing for him...so it is, what it was. Eric will and always be a Ram...& I too wish we had more time together on and off the field. Openly...I 100% back Eric for taking a hard stance about his value and his financial compensation...and lack there of with the Rams front office. NJ...In a nut shell...playing with a content Eric Dickerson would have been a dream come true...really that would be the case for any quarterback with him in the backfield!

The 1990 season was a huge disappointment for all of us. Coming off a successful season in 1989, we anticipated being dominate in all areas of the game! Yet, it was not meant to be. During the 1989 season, we won a majority of our close game, we made our field goals and our turnover ratio was very low. In 1990, we came up short in a majority of the same number of close games, Mike Lansford had his worst season as a pro kicker...and our fumbles and overall turnovers on offense and special teams eventually buried us. Overall...there is not one place of blame for the season and if they were... I would take all of it. Throwing 17 interceptions in any season is unacceptable, especially from the team leader as QB.

Compared to 1989, I very much missed the presence and consistence of one of the NFL most underrated RBs...Greg Bell. In 1990 he was replaced in our back field by Cleveland Gary and Gaston Green. However...I REALLY missed my security blanket...a healthy Pete Hollahan at TE..for his knees were not holding up any more. Those two men along were very professional, very reliable, and extremely consistent for us in 1989 and we did not get the same play level of play in 1990 from their replacements, nor did the rest of us play up to our own expectations...thus after that season...the entire defensive staff was let go, and most of our "older" players were released...including our kicker. Thus we entered a "rebuilding phase" that took all of us by surprise. In 1991 Jeff Fisher was brought in as D Coordinator and he changed us to a ultra aggressive man to man 4-3 scheme (total opposite from Fritz Shurmur's...Belicheck zone style)...which eventually rendered Kevin Greene as a undersized and hurt down lineman. Kevin eventually would move back to the 3-4 scheme at Pittsburgh and he showed that he had the ability to play at a very high level once again.

It was a life lesson for all of us and when looking back...having a business plan in place for replacing pieces of the puzzle would have been well welcomed.
I guess hiring a grocery store checker and taking an unwanted RB named Faulk was not part of a building business plan...but that worked out perfectly! LOL

Enjoy being part of the Ram family and let's pray our players stay healthy and hold onto the ball!

NJ, my question for you. What is one thing you really thought you were prepared for...yet it didn't turn out the way you expected? What was it and how did you handle it?

Much Respect,

  Ever thought of you and Dickerson and 1990 season

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