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Re: Jim, your thoughts Eric Dickerson

February 21, 2014 10:35AM
Thanks for your questions about Eric and coming into an established run oriented...and winning team environment.
In one of the other threads, I discussed my feeling of Eric and my support to him about the circumstances he found himself in with our management. In a nut shell, both sides could have been more mature about making sure all was handled professional...but I 100% support Eric for standing up for what he believed was his value and for his own financial freedom. I would have loved to take the field with a content Eric Dickerson...but that was not meant to be. He was so good and personally, I wish things would have been different...but really...the Rams did not have the finances at the time to step up his pay. Don't quote me on this...but it was rumored that a few checks were being bounced by our Blue and Gold and the banks were covering them. Folks...it's no wonder the team moved...it was not about fan support...it was financial structure. Matter of fact...the same is being played out today, it's "stadiumnomics". I can cover this issue in another post. In a nut shell for now...The moves the Rams make are fan neutral...it's all finances and valuations.

Let's take an example. You have a business that is worth $100 Million. If you move the business, your cash-flow immediately makes your business worth $250 million. Do you move? Hummmmmm, I would!

So let's look at the NFL as two parts. one is profit motivated...and one is product motivated. The move away, or eventually back from a stadium/city..has not much to do with the players, coaches or fans...it has to do with the valuation and the profit motivation. We all have feelings, yet let's be real when we think of the game in dollars and sense.

Eric was a great player and he will always have my support to do the right thing...and it took guts. I respect him more today than ever to about the tough decisions he made.

My question to you both. Do you own your own business? If so, what would make you move cities? If not, what would motivate you as an employee to change jobs?


  Jim, your thoughts Eric Dickerson

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  Re: Jim, your thoughts Eric Dickerson

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