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Re: Thanks for taking the time Mr. Everett.

March 26, 2014 09:11PM
Hi Rusty!

So every Thanksgiving turkey bowl...the Blue and Gold horned Jersey #11 comes out chucking the rock? Nice Rusty...really appreciate you kind words too. Thus, we both are very proud to wear #11 and represent our Rams. Just don't get hurt out there brother!

1) Last year the Rams invited all the previous Ram Pro Bowlers back to St. Louis to be introduced during the San Fransisco game. Oh, what a great time we had together. The key guys in making it possible happen were Kevin Demoff and Kyle Eversgerd of the Rams front office and of course Mr. Kroenke. The entire staff and team made it such a hospitable weekend while honoring all of us throughout intermissions during the game. So yes, the Rams have brought us back and did so in style. Now if we would have just would have won that 49er game...that would have been the best!

2) Rusty, please see the post to OhioRam in which Sam was discussed. Thanks!

3) The next step on offense? Our beloved Rams are doing it right now...as we are having this dialog!

Let's look at the big picture:
OK...Is this the first time that Sam and this offense is starting their second season with the same coordinator? Having a famiar system will be so beneficial to everyone involved. No more 11 man rookie routine this year and no more excuses either!! Did you think the Rams were improving as the year progressed? OK, Sam was hurt unfortunately, but overall...the running game progressed and the overall team improved under Coach Fisher. Shotty sure became more familiar with who could do what! See, master offensive guru, Ernie Zampese, came to the Rams in 88 and it wasn't until the last five games and all of the preseason of 89 for us to finally have it click in. Our boys will be in a familiar system and that is a huge step in the right direction.

Let's dig into a few details on areas of improvement.
1) Offensive line. There is no new news here...during the 49er game, I had the privilege to sit next to All Pro Guard Tom Mack. Hall of Fame Player - TOM MACK
He, Dennis Harrah and Jackie Slater (was being a bit more politically correct).. were all a bit opinionated on the offensive lineman play during the 49er game. Along with the score board whipping, the offensive trench was being dominated by the 49ers.
The All Time Ram O-Line...just an opinion, but good assessment.

So, if we want to win in our division (Seattle's D is pretty good up front too), we better find a way to handle the oppositions front line. I can first hand tell you that when the hogs win the battle and the war...the higher the odds that those with the ball will score! For example...let's think in terms of Jonathan Ogden leading the Raven's line in the "keep it safe offense" with journeyman QB Trent Dilfer at the helm, throwing to TE Shannon Sharpe, WR Qadry Ismail and Jamal Lewis running the rock . They were NFL champions by dominated defensively...(which we can do with our great D Line plus a few new players behind them), and they dominated the offensive line of scrimmage...thus providing a real running attack! Another example was the 1990 champion Giants with Eric Moore and Jumbo Elliot at Tackle and perennial Pro Bowl Center Bart Oats. In a nut shell...let's dominate the bigs to take everyone around them to a higher level of consistent play.
After landing a few new big unforms on the O-line, my wish for the Rams is to have a special TE. Rusty...been begging over the years for our Rams to draft a top TE. We need a Shannon Sharp or a Jimmy Graham, is that asking for too much? Having a safety value like Pete Holohan with the Rams or Westley Walls in New Orleans was so critical to our offense's success. I can't stress enough the magnitude and importance of sustaining a drive when we have a dependable inside receiver. Same importance for Tavon Austin while playing in the slot.

Don't know which day each position will be drafted but.most likely a Safety, Cornerback, WR, QB, and a few G/C type(s) are needed. Note: WR is really deep in this draft. We have 11 or so picks...pretty sure those positions will be addressed on May 8 - 10th. We'll see in September if the new talent solves the equation of playing catch up in our division.

Thanks Rusty and I have a question for you.
Can you give us your All-Time Ram Defensive team line-up?


  Thanks for taking the time Mr. Everett.

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  Re: Thanks for taking the time Mr. Everett.

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  Re: Thanks for taking the time Mr. Everett.

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