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Re: The OL

April 03, 2014 09:34PM
Hi Sean,

Thanks so much for your question. A Ram's offensive line poster? Yes, I remember that one well, and it was mentioned earlier to Les in his question: "why they gave me the nickname...Blade". Look it up...had a bunch of fun with that one. The response even has a link to that exact cool poster...and a link to many other really awesome 80's posters...That we so very fashionable...NOT! Reminds me of those pants named Zubazs. Remember those silly things? OMG...as I write this....I goggled for an old link to show these silly pants...and what's there?

Well it seems, the damn things are so retro...Zubaz are making a comeback and we can now get our favorite team trousers at: Get your cool duds here! Hummm...got some in storage. Note-to-self: immediately find that stack of old Zubaz and post on eBay tomorrow!!

Not to stray too far, but your other question was do us ex-ball players (specifically O-Line) still hang out. Yes, but its usually at something way more mature than hanging out at the Red Onion...like the old days!! Now its off to a coat and tie function or event together. Have a charity poker tournament in a couple of weeks as well. So mostly we meet up and its a charity or athletic honor type event; nevertheless, we do meet at too many funerals (retired players, LA staff and even at Georgia's departure). That's not the fun way to meet up with the gang, but we are there...standing tall together and very proud to be a member of a great organization.

Our West Coast Ram Representatives, guys like Coach John Robinson, Dennis Harrah, Jackie Slater, Doug Smith, Vince Farragamo, Leroy Irvin, Mike Lansford and many-many others are out and about frequently throughout LA and Orange County. This is a big place and there are a number of very fine gentlemen that well represent our NFL Blue and Gold Horns.

Also, It was very nice for us that our long time Ram equipment manager got the boot from St. Louis, now Todd Hewitt is doing great back in LA at USC. Can't say the same thing about USC's football program since Pete Carrol left, but Todd's a great guy and he tries to take care of all of us out here as well. So yes...many of the past players, staff and coaches are still around this area and it's a hoot to catch up when we get the opportunity.

Thanks for your question Sean and now my question to you. Do you still keep in touch with your pals from high school and college? Do you have an entertaining reunion story you can tell that has a maximum rating of PG13?


  The OL

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