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Re: How did you get the nickname Blade

March 31, 2014 10:46AM

You are very kind. Flattery will get you everywhere! Sure, do my best to keep in some kind of reasonable shape. Guess once a gym rat, always a gym rat. BUT surely NOT in playing shape...the little bit of grey matter I have left between the ears couldn't take another hit. And by the way, unless you haven't noticed...they are freak'en Manamals out there these on the field these days...Holy cow!

Ok to your question, the name Blade. It was first given to me by Dennis Harrah. A group of us Rams went hunting in Paso Robles (which we did often up at Randy Bernard's place) and we happen to take a group photo with our prized pig. A while later back in the locker room, we finally received the picture and Dennis in his common but very funny West Virgina accent said: "Damn that pig is big...and look at all our bloated old pie faces of us lineman too...but wait....look at that..there that skinny damn Blade in the back (laugh...laugh...laugh). Jim, you know your a Blade cause you got that narrow head, compared to us pie faces (laugh, laugh, laugh) but you be cutting it up on the field too brother.(trying to look serious, and then...laugh, laugh, laugh))" Dennis had a way of making fun of everyone (including himself), and then throwing a compliment out there (and try to act serious) and he'd start laughing hard as heck. It was contagious and such a fun time.

So the name "Blade" stuck and Dennis called me that ever since. Dennie loves nick names, and he called fellow guard, Tom Newberry a "swollen spider monkey". Why that name...who knows, but it stick too. He named Jackie Slater, "the Preacher Jackie Ray" and boy did he have fun with a UCLA lineman name Duval Love. Even had a song for Duval and ever line ended in "who am I talk'n about?" and every one on the bus or plane would shout out " you talk'n about a Duuuuuuuuuval Loooooooove"
Yes...quite a character and we all love him to this day. A great leader and just a good hearted human being having a real fun life.

Here's how creative poster maker...John Costacos saw it:

General Blade

And here are some more...cheesy posters for the 80s.
Nostalgic Side with Crazxy '80s Sports Posters

Les, my question for you. Have you ever had a nickname? Come on you can tell us! If it makes you any less shy, i had an great uncle they called "Toot'em." Got the name...as a rather gaseous infant...stuck with him to the grave. Oh my, THAT LITTLE STINKER!!

Good day!


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  How did you get the nickname Blade

LesBaker739January 19, 2014 04:54AM

  Re: How did you get the nickname Blade

JimEverett488March 31, 2014 10:46AM

  Thanks for the answer.......and tit for tat

LesBaker378March 31, 2014 05:13PM