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Re: Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time

March 28, 2014 12:10PM
Thanks Dodge,

Please see my post to OhioRam about Sam. I basically say that I love his style of play and he'll do fine. Do you realize that head Coach and Football Guru Bill Parcells benched a QB named phil Simms in favor of a household named QB...Scott Brunner? Well, they went 3-12-1 and Parcells was asked to step down but Howard Schnellenberger turned down the offer to become the head coach at the last minute, so they kept Parcells on and the rest is history.

My point, we all go through learning curves. Sam will be just fine and as the supporting cast improves, so will Sam's wins and stats.
Coach Fisher and Les Snead are doing a great job of bringing in young talent to compete in the toughest division in the NFL. There is no doubt that we will improve.

About another QB, sure we need great talent at every position, and having great back up QB talent is a must these days. Let's look at last year for example. So, yes, we are going to draft a QB, my first pick after the Top 4 are off the board is Jimmy Garopollo from Eastern Illinois and that is if he is available on day two. Jimmy is athletic, accurate and by the way, beat all of Tony Romos records at the school as well. He's not the top of the class of QB ranking, but think he's right there with Carr and above the next level of talent. Next in line would be AJ McCarron, a proven winner but needs polishing. Definitely a good game manager and smart player who probably is a day two selection. Mettenberger, Murray and Savage will be the next to fall on Friday. Going out on a limb, there's a quarter back from North Dakota State university named Brock Jensen. He's not the answer this year, for he has a few throwing and timing issues to resolve, but hey...the kids a winner (43-2) with three consecutive Division I-AA championships under his resume. Brock says his game is mirrored after Aaron Rodgers and that's not too bad a role model. If we wait until mid-day on the last day of the draft to address a young QB, then here's my winning guy!

Thanks for the question Dodge, now my question to you:
In your line of work (if retired, past line of work) what was the biggest hurdle you had to face and how did you over come it?


  Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time

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  Re: Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time

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  Re: Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time

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