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Usually most of our.....

February 18, 2014 04:46AM
guests answer questions and share info so your approach of asking fans questions or opinions of what might happen is really refreshing, you were not only one of my favorite RAMS players to watch live all those years now you're one of my favorites to have visited The Original HERD.

I'm on board with your thinking, at least one more really good OL position first (although passing on Clowney if he was there at #2 would be hard to do). I'd like to have as good a WR as available through FA but nothing shocks me anymore, Fisher and the FO will do what they feel is right when it's their turn to pick. I love what they're doing so far I just hope it all pays dividends this next season so their strategy and plans has more support and the HORNS get back on top.

I don't follow college football never really have, just don't have the time or the interest but I agree with the positions picks you list below. No doubt there's a lot of great young talent and with the experience and time to study them picking players with character, skills, enthusiasm and a will to fit into a winning chemistry shouldn't be hard to do for the RAMS.

Thanks again Jim, you're a class guy and were a great player to watch, I had season tickets for the RAMS for 25 years up until 1992 in Anaheim so I saw some greats, you were one of em.
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Ram 23,

Thank you for your kind words. The pieces of the puzzle are trying to be solved by all the teams as i write this. Teams are narrowing in on their free agent targets, then that will roll over to the needs of the draft.

I will have more detailed information before the draft, but I'll throw a few pieces of bait out now.

Think the Rams will look to fill depth needs at OL and WR in free agency and we need a starter at safety. Going out on a limb here...think Britt will come as a free agent WR to push the young core players. He's big, strong and has a need to start over with a fresh slate. Not surprised if we overpay for a good safety in free angency.

If i were the GM. I'd be on the horn with all three teams behind us (Jags, Browns, Raiders)...all of them looking to leap frog for their QB of choice after Houston.

Here is my shopping list in order of need:
1) Tackle (G. Robinson at #2 or Jake Mathews if trade down to as far as Raiders)
2) CB (Gilbert)
3) Tight End (Seferian-Jenkins)
4)Best player available...Guard/RB/Safety/QB

What do you see at the first three picks in our Draft?



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  First off Jim thanks for.......

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  Usually most of our.....

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