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Re: Comments regarding seattle game

February 20, 2012 04:49PM
i did lose some playing time do to the fact the mike hooman was having a standout rookie year. he is very versatile and pat shurmur coming from philadelphia, loves more tight end play then fullback play. just look at andy reid in philly. uses alot of 2 tight end sets. my only problem with it was it made it seem as if i couldn't catch the ball. which is unfortunate because i could catch very well. i think it came down to hooman being a bigger guy in height and more effective than any other tight end i would give credit to smiling smiley, in that heactually did a good job run blocking from the backfield. it wasn't great but it was respectable. his issue as you all should know is his health concerns, can he stay healthy? is now his biggest knock. not good with a new staff in place. as for the seattle game and our failed attempts in short yardage, i would say that the seattle defense made couple big stops and wanted it more up front. i think the crowd noise has alot to do with who has a better jump off the ball. in there case they had the advantage. i believe in 2010 we were 1st or 2nd in short yardage conversions the whole year. the sad part is when we needed it most we didn't get it done. as to why we stopped running the ball all over them like we were doing the whole 1st half? i would put that on the coaches or as a matter a fact the HC playing not to lose. when i visited with seattle to potentially sign there after the lockout they asked me the same thing...go figure. just be thankful, which i know you are that fisher is in place...

  Comments regarding seattle game

ycramsfan901February 15, 2012 01:15AM

  Re: Comments regarding seattle game

MikeKarney568February 20, 2012 04:49PM