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Re: Ramdom Thoughts :)

February 20, 2012 04:38PM
Sean payton is one of, if not the best at breaking down defenses. he is alot like what i heard from some guys that played under him in mike martz. the ability to see defenses weakness no matter where you are on the field is not all that usual with every OC out there. that's something special that you have to have in being able to see and watch film like that. it doesnt hurt that he has drew brees either haha. just like martz having kurt warner, very intelligent and accurate makes what ever plan/play, you put into place week in and week out work the way you want it to work. hours upon hours of film study definitiely separates the average coordinator to the great ones. all four of the ones i listed above were/are the best at that.

if i were a coordinator i would run the exact offense as jim harbaugh runs in san francisco(yes i said san francisco) i like the ball control run it down your throat throw when we have to approach. it's the best and very effective if ran the right way with the right personnel.

speaking of jason shivers we were teammates at ASU for 3 years. good college player with alot of upside that unfortunately didn't pan out for both him and the rams.
good guy though.

on draft day or leading up to the draft i had no inclination of who was gonna draft me or IF i was even going to drafted at all. i was just happy to be drafted and get an opportunity to play in NFL.

  Ramdom Thoughts :)

CraigMatson844February 14, 2012 03:22PM

  Re: Ramdom Thoughts :)

MikeKarney603February 20, 2012 04:38PM