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Re: SpagsVaney?

February 20, 2012 04:20PM
the atmosphere all around the facility from a players point of view, was very uncomfortable. almost like you had to always watch what you said and what did no matter who was around. it didn't at all feel like a normal nfl lockerroom or facility should feel like. the weirdest thing for me was when we won a game, spags acted and wanted the staff to do the same, like we lost. but when we lost, it felt like we had won a game. just very very unusual and not normal at all from what the "norm" of the nfl is like. spags had players in the lockerroom as spys to tell him what guys were saying and doing. and we knew who they were and alot of us stayed away from those guys. same went with a lot of the staff as well. which brings me to gullickson. rock and i were together for 2 years in new orleans. and let me say he was a totally different guy when he was the strength coach there. he evetually could not withstand the pressure he was getting from spags on a daily basis, and also very insecure himself, gave in to the mold that spags was looking for. he was a guy who would go upstairs and tell on guys for what ever reason it was. WHICH IS A STRENGTH COACHES SIN TO DO. the weight room and lockerroom, are where players can be who they are. what i mean by that is, joke, laugh, talk trash etc...just a very a unfortunate situation that didn't make it at all to fun to be at work...


tony sopRAMo879February 14, 2012 12:58PM

  Re: SpagsVaney?

MikeKarney623February 20, 2012 04:20PM