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Dick Stienberg and whale of etc

October 06, 2016 09:32PM
Jack were you and Mr Stienberg with the organization around the same time?
He and Don Klosterman were a big part of the reason the Rams where of such high caliber being the heads of the scouting dept at one time or another.
I have fond memories of speaking and corresponding with Steinberg as a young teen talking about some of the Ram draftees.

Any memories of either of those guys?

One more thing that I'd like your comment on, ,
I remember being bold enough to walk over to a group of players and ask for autographs when they would hang out in the parking lot after the game and I was treated well and got the signings on the old game day mags.
These are priceless memories for me but when think about them it make me realise how much Times have changed.
Did you guys have a great time hanging out together back there in the lot or with the fans. ?
Were there ever any wild stalker fans you guys had problems with on the road? ,,that at is if you can say without getting too personal or without spoiling a future book? smiling smiley

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  Dick Stienberg and whale of etc

CraigMatson696October 06, 2016 09:32PM