August 05, 2022 02:55AM
So it will simulate you doing a hi-hate choke or that closed/open sound? That's pretty cool.. I wonder - and this is totally wondering - if the drummer from Def Leppard, who lost an arm and sort of invented drum gadgets and innovation stuff to electronically replace his missing arm, had anything to do with some of those type innovations in drum technology - born out of necessity?

I wished there were electronic gadgets like that for guitar, that would simulate specific techniques or sounds.. I can use all the help I can get.. lol

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  Feeling a little down.... with my band on it's farewell tour... Attachments

JamesJM117August 04, 2022 03:15PM

  That's awesome.. enjoy it while you can...

sstrams73August 04, 2022 03:24PM

  By the way...

JamesJM130August 04, 2022 03:38PM

  So you use the Roland..

sstrams59August 04, 2022 04:27PM

  Yeah, it's specifically made for...

JamesJM61August 04, 2022 04:45PM

  Sweet! Not familiar with the electronic kit stuff..

sstrams74August 05, 2022 02:55AM

  Wow, never thought of that, I wonder...

JamesJM94August 05, 2022 04:01AM

  Haha.. I dunno about that..

sstrams83August 05, 2022 05:21AM

  Drummer question ? Attachments

IowaRam72August 07, 2022 03:04PM

  Big difference.... and it's speed...

JamesJM58August 07, 2022 03:39PM

  That's odd..

sstrams74August 07, 2022 03:54PM

  Another benefit to two....

JamesJM52August 07, 2022 04:07PM