August 01, 2022 03:13AM
That where a Recruit gets stationed is based on Tech / C School scores? I have HEARD that the first pick of station goes to the top Grad and so on. Of course, Navy needs come first. When I was in the USAF, we simply filled out a "Dream Sheet" in Tech School of the top 8 bases we wanted to go to. Stupid me! I picked all Florida bases and Myrtle Beach. That would have been SO dumb to be stationed so close to home! I was slated to go to Brooks AFB in San Antonio but swapped with a guy who REALLY REALLY wanted to go to school in San Antonio and his Brother lived there. SO...Off to Blytheville, Ark I went. It was BFE but an experience I would never ever trade.

  FINGERS CROSSED!! My oldest MIGHT be getting the call from the Navy soon.

Ramgator76August 01, 2022 03:01AM

  Thomas REALLY wants to be in the 7TH Fleet and in the Pacific.

Ramgator49August 01, 2022 03:07AM

  Hey Iowa! Does it still ring true....

Ramgator43August 01, 2022 03:13AM