August 01, 2022 03:07AM
As young as age 5, he developed a interest in WWII Naval History. He loved to look through my many books. I told him that even though am a USAF guy, I have always said I'd be 20 feet tall and speechless while "Manning the rails" and rendering salute to the Arizona Memorial. And he's bolder than I'd ever be. He wants to be on a DESTROYER??? He might think different when high seas hit. I also told him that it has to be surreal to pass over the same ocean where Midway, Coral Sea and Leyte Gulf were fought.

  FINGERS CROSSED!! My oldest MIGHT be getting the call from the Navy soon.

Ramgator76August 01, 2022 03:01AM

  Thomas REALLY wants to be in the 7TH Fleet and in the Pacific.

Ramgator49August 01, 2022 03:07AM

  Hey Iowa! Does it still ring true....

Ramgator44August 01, 2022 03:13AM