June 15, 2022 08:31AM
Found him not 20 feet from where the other kitten was. HAD to be a sibling from the size. This guy was on the side of the road so a much easier grab. He is right next to the other one in my back yard.

  UGH!! Another stray cat / kitten down.

Ramgator73June 07, 2022 01:58PM

  I totally understand that..

sstrams30June 07, 2022 02:20PM

  Gonna go scoop him up early in the morning tomorrow.

Ramgator26June 10, 2022 03:06PM

  Little guy is buried.

Ramgator23June 11, 2022 04:01AM

  That was a true act of kindness, Gator..

sstrams23June 11, 2022 06:26AM

  Thanks. Seeing that kitten a time or two on my walks was stuck in my head.

Ramgator29June 11, 2022 06:51AM

  Unbelievable! Buried ANOTHER this morning.

Ramgator22June 15, 2022 08:31AM

  That's awful..

sstrams23June 15, 2022 08:36AM

  I walk past there EVERY morning. I had never seen this one before. In fact..

Ramgator21June 15, 2022 03:34PM

  I can't stand the thought..

sstrams27June 15, 2022 03:47PM

  Our 5 fostered kittens depart this week... meaning...

JamesJM19June 16, 2022 09:15AM

  Kittens are vicious...

sstrams25June 16, 2022 09:33AM