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I wasn't a thumbs up guy...

January 06, 2022 03:00AM
I had a WHOLE lot of issues with the movie.. Yeah, the ending was GREAT.. didn't see that coming.. but getting to the ending was painful..

The movie is what? 2.5 hours long? I am firmly entrenched in my opinion that that movie easily could have been just over an hour long and told the same exact story.. there were so many added parts that were unnecessary.. its almost like Tarrantino was adding parts just to get friends in the movie..

As you know, I've always been fascinated with the whole Manson Family thing.. so, for most of the movie I was thinking its kind of a documentary - maybe of things that happened that I'd never heard of, before.. But the ending laid that to rest..

Saw it in the theater.. haven't seen it since.. I would watch the ending again.. and, yes the Sharon Tate movie sequence was pretty cool...

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Saw 'One Upon A Time in Hollywood'...

JamesJM43January 05, 2022 06:04PM

  I wasn't a thumbs up guy...

sstrams14January 06, 2022 03:00AM

  About 40-41 years ago, I recall HBO showed a Documentary on the Manson Family.

Ramgator13January 06, 2022 07:09AM

  I watched that Documentary with two Buds. We were all 13 -14 years old....

Ramgator10January 06, 2022 07:12AM

  Yeah, they were nuts..

sstrams11January 06, 2022 07:14AM

  I was not a fan at all of that movie

ferragamo7916January 06, 2022 07:36AM

  Re: Saw 'One Upon A Time in Hollywood'...

SeattleRam24January 06, 2022 12:12PM

  Well, watch the last 20 minutes or so..

sstrams15January 06, 2022 12:56PM