March 31, 2021 01:19PM
DURING this last race at Bristol they announced that the race in 2022 would once again be run on dirt. Which is my topic, Dirt.

I loved the race... the dirt made it far more exciting, IMHO... you could actually SEE what the drivers were contending with. BUT... I never thought they'd run on dirt again because of that word "see"... it was dusty. At times you could see almost nothing, and especially from the in-car cams. At all times it was hazy. The announcers mentioned it MANY times... but at the same time:

They also continuously commented on how the drivers were loving it, and how 'fun' the race was compared to pavement. Mixed signals... it seemed to me, until I heard them announce they would repeat the dirt for next year. I don't know if they were getting fan feedback during the race or not but I would think they must have been?

Car getting visibly sideways in the turns, cars hitting very rough sections of the track nearly bouncing off the surface... it WAS fun to watch, when you could see it. laughing smiley - JamesJM

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