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same thing happened to me about a month ago

October 17, 2020 05:27PM
max is on a schedule like clock work......never showed up for evening meal....spent three days gone. Looked and looked and about gave up and then just showed up.

So give it a few days, they will come back.

RIP Bucky - 7/25/1943 - 1/19/2013

  UGH! Our cat is missing.

Ramgator30October 17, 2020 02:55PM

  same thing happened to me about a month ago

ferragamo7911October 17, 2020 05:27PM

  Yeah. I told my Wife...I had a cat about 30 years ago.

Ramgator5October 17, 2020 06:45PM

  She wasn't pregnant, was she?

sstrams6October 17, 2020 06:03PM

  No. She's about 9 and has been fixed.

Ramgator4October 17, 2020 06:49PM

  Our biggest fear..

Ramgator13October 17, 2020 06:51PM

  Best of luck..

sstrams7October 18, 2020 04:28AM

  We have a GPS Tracking collar on Lily

IowaRam8October 19, 2020 08:29AM

  Yeah, I am a fanatic about..

sstrams4October 19, 2020 08:47AM

  Our outdoor cat has gone missing for months...

JamesJM10October 17, 2020 07:17PM

  Re: UGH! Our cat is missing.

waterfield7October 17, 2020 08:23PM