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So I watched Cloverfield 10

July 30, 2016 07:23PM
How can I dislike a movie (and be completely baffled that anyone does) when in fact it got a 90 on the tomatometer?

Out of 5 stars I gave it half a star. But 4 out of 5 people liked this movie. I thought it was a joke. How can this be?

Some of the great movies of all time got a lower score... But that is beside the point. How can I be so far removed from the crowd?

  So I watched Cloverfield 10

Atlantic Ram650July 30, 2016 07:23PM

  I pretty much..

sstrams438July 31, 2016 04:31AM

  10 Cloverfield Lane

Atlantic Ram454July 31, 2016 09:21AM

  There's plenty of movies..

sstrams443July 31, 2016 09:26AM

  I liked Goodman in it...

DaJudge464August 03, 2016 12:46PM

  I thought the acting was good...

Atlantic Ram388August 04, 2016 12:37AM

  Re: I enjoyed it

Speed_Kills421August 04, 2016 06:49PM