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Well, I'll be...

July 31, 2016 04:36AM
That's pretty wild technology.. Now, my question is: If the car is running, why doesn't the car sound a little alarm if the key is moved x amount of feet from the car? Kind of like when your car beeps to remind you your headlights are on after you shut the car off.. Yes, I know most cars now automatically shut their own lights off.. I've never had that feature, either.. Just seems like the car would alert you IF ITS RUNNING and the key starts to leave the vicinity...

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  OK-I almost died yesterday-really

waterfield1062July 30, 2016 09:43AM

  I am speechless...

JamesJM644July 30, 2016 10:17AM

  Ok I'm lost...

sstrams552July 30, 2016 10:27AM

  Sounds like my Jaguar...

JamesJM604July 30, 2016 10:39AM

  Another time

waterfield680July 30, 2016 10:58AM

  Like I just replied to waterfield..

sstrams609July 30, 2016 11:25AM

  My Suzuki had it

Atlantic Ram666July 30, 2016 07:15PM

  Well, I'll be...

sstrams597July 31, 2016 04:36AM

  Re: Well, I'll be...

waterfield546July 31, 2016 07:16AM

  Ok, my next question is..

sstrams564July 31, 2016 08:21AM

  Re: Ok, my next question is..

waterfield586July 31, 2016 08:59AM

  ..and the attorney becomes the janitor...

sstrams558July 31, 2016 09:30AM

  My Mazda has that feature

LesBaker555August 02, 2016 02:39PM

  Re: My Suzuki had it

waterfield516July 31, 2016 07:12AM

  I was lucky, my wife hated that car

Atlantic Ram525July 31, 2016 12:30PM

  Pepper Attachments

waterfield693July 31, 2016 02:23PM

  That's one gorgeous..

sstrams586July 31, 2016 02:29PM

  What a cutie!

Atlantic Ram513August 04, 2016 12:40AM

  Re: What a cutie!

waterfield542August 04, 2016 05:05PM

  Re: Ok I'm lost...

waterfield559July 30, 2016 10:54AM

  That's just crazy....

sstrams655July 30, 2016 11:22AM

  You ask tough questions...

JamesJM554July 30, 2016 01:10PM

  They do that too..?

sstrams554July 30, 2016 01:23PM

  A long time ago I bought a Chrysler....

JamesJM603July 30, 2016 01:44PM

  We had the same car

waterfield588July 30, 2016 02:19PM

  I have nobody to talk to...

sstrams627July 30, 2016 03:09PM

  Do what I do

waterfield552July 30, 2016 03:42PM


sstrams615July 30, 2016 04:07PM

  glad everything turned out OK.........

21Dog662August 01, 2016 04:43AM

  Re: glad everything turned out OK.........

waterfield597August 01, 2016 08:02AM

  at least you were smart enough to get out

ferragamo79506August 01, 2016 12:29PM

  The real stupidity

waterfield525August 01, 2016 02:19PM

  I'd have...

sstrams548August 01, 2016 02:49PM


waterfield558August 01, 2016 03:20PM

  Yeah... it gets...

sstrams515August 01, 2016 03:37PM

  Re: Yeah... it gets...

waterfield532August 01, 2016 06:46PM

  bet you were sporting the Judge Smails look

21Dog636August 01, 2016 08:48PM

  Hahaha that was awesome

LesBaker501August 02, 2016 02:57PM

  lol... too funny... nm

Atlantic Ram536August 04, 2016 12:43AM

  Well, in theory..

sstrams547August 02, 2016 03:56AM

  Let me be clear

waterfield511August 02, 2016 06:26AM

  Well, I was kinda hoping..

sstrams520August 02, 2016 06:40AM

  Ram23 and Crab... a little 'aside'...

JamesJM520August 02, 2016 07:16AM

  Yeah, that's a lot of work...

sstrams562August 02, 2016 07:40AM

  This is just plain strange to me...

JamesJM487August 02, 2016 01:50PM

  Well, it really simple, Jimmy...

sstrams509August 02, 2016 02:22PM

  The only sea food I like

IowaRam609August 02, 2016 02:31PM

  Re: Well, it really simple, Jimmy...

waterfield585August 02, 2016 08:49PM

  I'll get the flour and water...

sstrams539August 03, 2016 03:31AM

  Re: I'll get the flour and water...

waterfield533August 03, 2016 07:07AM

  Re: Ram23 and Crab... a little 'aside'...

waterfield497August 02, 2016 01:44PM

  I'm dieting...

JamesJM518August 02, 2016 01:47PM

  Re: I'm dieting...

waterfield507August 02, 2016 08:51PM

  Well this is interesting....

Atlantic Ram574August 04, 2016 12:52AM

  regional foods are a delight...

JamesJM563August 04, 2016 07:11AM

  I am poorly traveled by most accounts

Atlantic Ram567August 04, 2016 03:10PM

  Perhaps my favorite seafood is Razor Clams...

JamesJM538August 04, 2016 03:46PM