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See? now I'm wondering....

May 17, 2023 03:25PM
I had not had that done in YEARS... used to be when you hit 40, (or so), that was mandatory.... BUT.... that was probably the last time I suffered that indignity.

I SWEAR to you I thought that way of testing had faded into oblivion... so imagine my surprise today? I was violated. - JamesJM

  How in the hell can my new doctor....

JamesJM95May 17, 2023 02:17PM

  Man, that is JACKED up...

sstrams93May 17, 2023 02:27PM

  See? now I'm wondering....

JamesJM54May 17, 2023 03:25PM

  Well, in my case..

sstrams47May 17, 2023 03:27PM

  They asked me today when my last colonoscopy was...

JamesJM51May 17, 2023 03:30PM

  Um.. you're leaving out the bad part..

sstrams50May 17, 2023 03:45PM

  Drinking "the stuff" and sitting on the toilet was easy for me. BUUUUUUUT...

Ramgator43May 17, 2023 04:03PM

  I still can taste that crap..

sstrams45May 17, 2023 04:10PM