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I remember when he was drafted someone here posted . . .

February 20, 2021 01:40PM
We will go SIXTEEN and O

With Richard Angul-O

Maybe they were referring to his tenure as our offensive line coach?

  OL coach Morgan who was brought to ATL by Shanahan is available

Rams Junkie294February 18, 2021 08:23PM

  Steelers got Morgan as asst OL coach

Rams Junkie103February 18, 2021 08:31PM

  Re: Richard Argulo asst OL coach Ravens...

oldschoolramfan94February 19, 2021 06:25AM

  Re: Bill Callahan....Browns.

oldschoolramfan106February 19, 2021 06:27AM

  Fun fact about him

303090February 19, 2021 09:19AM

  Re: Fun fact about him

Ekern5569February 19, 2021 09:20AM

  I remember when he was drafted someone here posted . . .

stlramz54February 20, 2021 01:40PM

  Maybe Angulo brings Orlando Brown with him. Was the quote from Old Hacker?

Rams Junkie45February 20, 2021 11:34PM

  definitely sounds like something from the OH archives

21Dog27February 21, 2021 04:28AM

  Re: yep

AlbaNY_Ram20February 21, 2021 04:52AM

  Re: I just think.....

oldschoolramfan17February 21, 2021 06:32AM