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Niners will tank... did the Cards?

December 28, 2018 06:11AM
first off, I am now super confident in our chances of getting the #2 seed and a bye week as I read that the niners had the easiest schedule of the three 4-11 teams and therefore get the #2 pick in the draft. they would be foolish to win this game.

The Cardinals have the #1 pick next year. Did they let us win?

  Niners will tank... did the Cards?

kw13554December 28, 2018 06:11AM

  Who cares..put up 60 on niners if we can...yea baby

Arkansas Ram248December 28, 2018 06:44AM

  ...put up 60 on niners...

73Ram197December 28, 2018 07:29AM

  Go vanilla hell.....

Arkansas Ram209December 28, 2018 08:13AM

  HE'LL YEAH!!! nm

WhiteHorns164December 28, 2018 10:45AM

  Three things I wanna see!!!!!!!!

ferragamo79193December 28, 2018 08:48AM


PHDram198December 28, 2018 09:01AM

  Re: Yup

Rampage2K-187December 28, 2018 09:15AM

  the 3-12 team ...

Suh-weet!88December 30, 2018 05:04AM

  Doubt snyone is tanking...

jemach190December 28, 2018 09:52AM

  Agree. 49ers playing tough right now.

stlramz240December 28, 2018 10:28PM

  Re: Niners will tank... did the Cards?

bigjimram21191December 28, 2018 08:46PM

  Re: Niners will tank... did the Cards?

Classicalwit119December 30, 2018 04:01AM