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Even better the second time around

February 10, 2020 05:15AM
Dodgers get a potential major bullpen piece from the Twins and their 67th pick....wow.

Then add Jeter Down (stuck behind Seager and Lux) and Connor Wong (4th catcher prospect behind Smith, Ruiz and another guy who is supposed to be better than Smith and Ruiz), for Betts and Pice at half off!

Great trade, just need to sign Betts long term which I think they do as they wanted to land Harper the year before and were looking at Nolan Arenado.

Better yet, they keep Joc and Stripling. I thought that was a terrible trade to the Angels. I think they can do a lot better in a trade moving forward, although I'd keep Stripling.

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  Dodgers land Betts

ferragamo7934February 04, 2020 07:55PM

  They lose Verdugo, Pedersen, and Maeda

waterfield18February 04, 2020 08:18PM

  couple of things

ferragamo7911February 05, 2020 07:29AM

  trade-off is well worth it

LMU9316February 07, 2020 06:45AM


waterfield15February 06, 2020 08:03PM

  a perfect fit in their lineup

21Dog8February 07, 2020 05:25AM

  Even better the second time around

ferragamo796February 10, 2020 05:15AM

  Pedersen back with the Dodgers ?

waterfield8February 10, 2020 01:21PM


ferragamo799February 11, 2020 07:39AM