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Re: How long has the Herd been around?

October 23, 2019 01:01PM
After the Rams drafted Torry Holt, acquired Marshall Faulk and Trent Green in 1999, I knew they were on to something special.

I found the iteration of this forum shortly thereafter...

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  How long has the Herd been around?

SeattleRam144October 23, 2019 12:03AM

  I'm really good with time..........

Arkansas Ram123October 23, 2019 06:16AM

  Re: How long has the Herd been around?

MamaRAMa79October 23, 2019 09:56AM

  Re: How long has the Herd been around?

NorCalRamFan93October 23, 2019 01:01PM

  think I joined in

ferragamo7965October 23, 2019 04:42PM

  I don't remember exactly....

JamesJM71October 23, 2019 05:46PM

  Re: I don't remember exactly....

Aries72October 31, 2019 02:45PM

  If you're right...

JamesJM69October 31, 2019 05:42PM


21Dog43November 01, 2019 04:04AM

  my rookie year was 2000

21Dog69October 23, 2019 06:10PM

  Post Dispatch, when some people used to think that Tony Banks was a good QB

JoeMad87October 25, 2019 10:52AM