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Did you know they use coconut?

September 01, 2019 11:31AM
instead of the rubber on some artificial turf fields?

Yesterday I asked the AD for Kerman High about the new stadium coming to Kerman... (some years off)... and if they were planning on artificial turf or grass.

He told me that if he has his way NO CHANCE of artificial turf... then told me the field we were on, (Mendota, Ca. High School), didn't use the rubber but instead used coconut. He had a name for it for I forget what it was.... but the point is: "COCONUT".

I was rather surprised by that revelation. Now if they can find a way to mix meringue with the coconut I'm not going to the snack bar I'm lying face down on the field. - JamesJM

  Artificial Turf was invented by the devil.

JamesJM56September 01, 2019 08:40AM

  What's the deal with the rubber pellets?

sstrams22September 01, 2019 11:23AM

  Did you know they use coconut?

JamesJM31September 01, 2019 11:31AM

  I heard that!

sstrams27September 01, 2019 01:36PM