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More into the NBA or the NHL.....

June 12, 2019 06:13AM
or neither? laughing smiley I think most will answer 'neither'.

I'm more into the NHL.... mostly because I'm more emotionally attached to the Blues than any of the other teams.

Toronto, whom I'm rooting for (but not with much gusto)... is getting some bad press. First they cheered Durant's injury and now they are caught harassing Curry's Mom. Yikes. Bad form. I try to not let things like this color my opinion of the teams/players themselves but hey, I'm human. Without question there are bad fans for every team in professional sports, but you know.... 'bad mouthing a Mom' is definitely a triggering faux pas.

Summer activities have begun... boating, passing league, summer league baskeball... etc etc etc etc.... so I have seen, (live), little of the last few games in both the NHL and the NBA. Tonight I will miss the first two periods of the final Stanley Cup game due to band practice. Which leads me too:

I know there aren't many NFL OR NBA fans on the Pub... BUT.... compared to my band members you guys are FAR more into both AND knowledgeable about both. I guarantee you not one of the guys in my band have any idea the NBA and NHL championships are being played. They would struggle to answer what either the NHL or NBA acronyms stand for.

WARNING... grandkids news coming next:

Looks like I'll have two, (and later this year this might become 3), QB grandsons. In High School a top notch QB who was at Central High, (Think Patriots), has come to Kerman to vie for the QB position. I don't think my grandson has much to worry about... that's a fair and balanced assessment from me, (no it isn't, I'm very biased). Another grandson will be a Freshman, thus a JV.... he's a very good player.... one of those 'all around' kids who can play every position. PROBLEM - the QB that played for Kerman last year as an 8th grader has moved on and the JV QB last year, (now a Soph), has decided to not play football... leaving us, Kerman, without a QB.... in comes Ashton. He played in passing league last night.... surprised the heck out of me. Several TD passes... can heave it close to 50yds... and good accuracy BUT with the occasional 'wounded duck'. laughing smiley Looks like he's in at QB BUT... I'd bet the farm that he'll be primarily a running QB.

Outlook... not good. laughing smiley You rebuild every year in High School but occasionally you have a massive rebuild and Kerman finds itself in that position. I think our Varsity is returning, 2 starters from last year. I'm not expecting a great season as far as W/L's. Same with the JV's. In youth football WHO KNOWS? That's my youngest grandson. My youngest is also an excellent player... like his brother he can play any position but he does have a severe flaw - - - getting him to put down his iPad and video games long enough to play football. laughing smiley - JamesJM

  More into the NBA or the NHL.....

JamesJM41June 12, 2019 06:13AM