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Concocted sports passion...

June 03, 2019 08:22AM
Last night I was very upset when Toronto collapsed and the Warriors won.... rooting for Toronto as I am.

But I like the Warriors

Screamed at my TV during the last Blues vs Bruins game for the Blues to get with it and get back to that aggressive attitude they had in the playoffs leading up to the Stanley Cup, rooting for the Blues as I am.

But I like the Bruins.

It would seem I have the ability to mystically conjure up rabid team sport passion out of thin air and almost instantly. No, wait....

I do that in horse racing as well, and that isn't a team sport.

Oh yeah, and NASCAR.

Come to think of it, I watched a televised spelling bee once and during the airing I both threw a pillow across my living room and also did fist pump on my fav's correct spelling while yelling "YES".

Gotta run.... two stray cats outside my office window right now fighting over the cat food.... I'm pulling for the Tabby. - JamesJM

  Concocted sports passion...

JamesJM48June 03, 2019 08:22AM

  Horse racing not a team sport ?

waterfield31June 03, 2019 11:02AM