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Those last two games....

May 22, 2019 02:39PM
showed me that the Blues can hang with anyone AND beyond that... I don't think any other team, and I've been watching them all, is playing any better at this time.

It won't be easy, however. One of those series that to me really looks like it will go 7 games. Good Luck, Frank... I know I've posted I've always kind of liked the Bruins but in this series I'm BLUES all the way. - JamesJM

  St Louis Blues

MamaRAMa77May 22, 2019 04:30AM

  you might get hooked...........

21Dog45May 22, 2019 04:56AM

  Thanks Dawg. . .

RAMbeau43May 22, 2019 02:34PM

  Those last two games....

JamesJM40May 22, 2019 02:39PM

  What's crazy is. . .

RAMbeau45May 22, 2019 02:48PM


waterfield25May 29, 2019 03:21PM

  My one and only NHL game in person was in St Louis in Dec 1988.

Ramgator40May 22, 2019 05:13AM

  I'm like you Mama. VERY casual fan. I have seen just ONE complete game on TV

Ramgator46May 22, 2019 05:15AM

  If I'm going to root for one of the two....

BlueRidgeHorns46May 23, 2019 02:44AM

  You might enjoy this

waterfield26May 29, 2019 03:30PM