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"Finding the couple". You guys know me. I REALLY REALLY hate...

October 25, 2017 02:20PM
The fact that the WWII generation is almost GONE! My past 21 years with JFRD, I have had the honor to go into homes of elderly folks from that generation. I have LOVED to look at the photos on the walls and hear their stories. Not just the men but ladies too. My favorite couple was a VERY elderly couple we went to about 17 years ago. They barely got around but cracked us up with their wit and sarcastic remarks at each other. I looked at those fading people and then on their wall was a picture of them taken in 1938. He was a Naval Officer who looked JUST LIKE Clark Gable and she had a BEAUTIFUL Rita Heyworth look. We were there to only help the lady get her Husband off the floor. I recall walking away from their house smiling but almost misty eyed. (Proud AND sad) Never saw them again. I'm QUITE certain both have long since passed away.

  Needles.. flu shots and such...

JamesJM299October 09, 2017 10:09AM

  Penicillin shots REALLY suck...

sstrams151October 09, 2017 10:23AM

  I have heard that...

JamesJM144October 09, 2017 10:32AM

  Not really sure, Jimmy..

sstrams150October 09, 2017 10:58AM

  Nor me...

JamesJM133October 09, 2017 11:22AM

  Not sure of the diameter.. Attachments

sstrams151October 09, 2017 11:50AM

  Not a medical needle or an ice pick?

JamesJM141October 09, 2017 12:28PM

  I know it, right?

sstrams139October 09, 2017 12:55PM

  shots never really bothered me

IowaRam143October 09, 2017 01:59PM

  Moving beyond Shots... I'm terrified...

JamesJM142October 09, 2017 02:36PM

  Never had a cavity as an adult..

sstrams85October 10, 2017 03:48AM

  I will NEVER EVER get a flu shot again!! Have not since 1993!

Ramgator103October 10, 2017 02:05PM

  I have you beat...

JamesJM89October 10, 2017 02:19PM

  I have gotten two flu shots in my life..

sstrams88October 10, 2017 05:06PM

  Me too, exactly two of them...

JamesJM97October 10, 2017 08:00PM

  My Boot Camp flu was hell!

Ramgator89October 11, 2017 06:56PM

  My second flu / Rams related!! LOL

Ramgator91October 11, 2017 07:01PM

  one shot we should all get......

21Dog121October 11, 2017 08:47PM

  I second that....

JamesJM81October 13, 2017 05:02PM

  highly recommend a pneumonia shot too

ferragamo7979October 18, 2017 08:58AM

  I am more scared of shingles

ferragamo7974October 18, 2017 09:00AM

  Shingles saved my grandfather's life...

sstrams89October 18, 2017 09:23AM

  WOW, that is STRANGE....

JamesJM69October 18, 2017 09:39AM

  Yeah.. pretty wild...

sstrams72October 18, 2017 09:52AM

  You should know better than to...

JamesJM76October 18, 2017 10:12AM

  My Dad met several German POWs when he was young.

Ramgator63October 25, 2017 12:06PM

  Same here...

JamesJM79October 25, 2017 12:32PM

  "Finding the couple". You guys know me. I REALLY REALLY hate...

Ramgator69October 25, 2017 02:20PM

  flu shots

IowaRam98October 13, 2017 04:42PM

  Never had the flu

Drew283965October 25, 2017 11:55AM

  try getting shot below your eye

ferragamo7976October 25, 2017 06:37PM

  Suck it up, buttercup!

sstrams69October 26, 2017 03:10AM