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Re: Return of the Rams (1983)

October 09, 2019 07:50AM
Just curious, do you still have a VHS player?

You bet I do. I recorded Most ram wins since 1983 all in vhs Though I have converted them to DVD

  Return of the Rams (1983)

LMU93214October 09, 2019 04:01AM

  Re: Return of the Rams (1983)

stlramz87October 09, 2019 04:11AM

  Re: Return of the Rams (1983)

MamaRAMa76October 09, 2019 04:27AM

  I sitill have a DVD player with a VHS player built in

Hazlet Hacksaw61October 09, 2019 05:13AM

  I do......

Arkansas Ram61October 09, 2019 05:15AM

  Re: I do......

MamaRAMa54October 09, 2019 05:23AM

  Re: Return of the Rams (1983)

stlramz55October 09, 2019 07:50AM

  thats what made the old Tivo so great

Hazlet Hacksaw47October 09, 2019 08:59AM

  forgotten man that year

21Dog60October 09, 2019 09:21AM